"Shrew" Alexander Cherenkov

"Gunnery Sergeant Cherenkov, at your service!"


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Physical: 6’ 0" | 215 lbs
Careers: Army (Tank Commander, 5 terms), Entertainer (Actor, 3 terms), Free Trader (Space Trucker, 1 term)


After twenty years in the army, Alex “Shrew” Cherenkov has a surprisingly chipper attitude. It might be because he made it through three ground wars and one peace keeping mission on Montacaso (a corruption of Monte Cassino, colloquial name for Gliese 667 Cc) without a scratch. It might also be because he suffered some pretty severe brain trauma when his tank exploded out from under him. His command after that incident was as colorful as it was brief.

Alex prefers to talk about his acting career, as Dirk Montell in the drama Clear Star City. Though proud of his work, Alex admits the portrayal of a veteran readjusting to society wasn’t much of a stretch. Although the writing was average at best, it was a comfortable way to make a living (and any show that runs for twelve seasons can’t be all bad).

When Clear Star City had run its course, Alex answered an FMC career service Ping and became a Free Trader. In retrospect he isn’t sure if this is the best or the worst decision of his life:

On the one hand, he spent four years in a kitchen sized space, trying hard to get along with three other ‘Space Truckers’, and maintain the physique he had as a civilian (He likes to joke that he suffered more hearing damage from those arguments than twenty years as a tanker).

On the other hand, if he hadn’t signed up with the FMC, he never would have met Ripley Prime, The Mendicant, or her crew. For the first time in sixteen years he has a lover in his life.

Her name is ‘Susie B. Homewrecker’.

"Shrew" Alexander Cherenkov

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