Bartleby Kaine

"Allow it."


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Physical 5’10" – 170 lbs.
Careers Thief (4 terms)


Born on the streets of London to a pickpocket and a seamstress, Bartleby is used to breathing in the foggy city air and all the grime that comes with it.

From a young age he had a way with manipulation. He gathered the most useful of his boyhood companions and began their spree of organized mischief under the name of “The Dead Parrots.” What began as simple pick-pocketing and petty theft soon grew into a most powerful organization the likes of which London had never seen.

As Bartleby matured, so did his cunning and his ambition. But as soon as he had reached a height he found comfortable, he began to notice a siege on his operation from an unknown force. One by one, he watched as his most trusted partners, his close friends from childhood, found dead. Each death more mysterious than the last.
His operation rapidly began to crumble and his assets dwindled as his mind began to give way. London became too dangerous for Bartleby and he was forced to flee from Earth with only a fraction of what was his legendary bounty.

He continues to search the galaxy, plagued with the loss of his companions and unending need for revenge.

Bartleby Kaine

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