Foreman Sarah Myoko

The most trusted woman in the FMC (and by extension, Alpha Centauri)


Myoko has been the foreman (it’s a unisex title) of the FMC for three years, and has already been re-elected once. She has been instrumental in maintaining the FMC’s neutrality in the brewing conflict, and has proved herself a superb military commander and diplomat. She is a Belter through and through, and her offices aboard Steelhead station maintain a consistent .3 earth gravity to remind visitors of that fact.

The Mendicant was Myoko’s flagship for over a decade, and under her command it was an active deterrent to any intrusions into FMC space. Previously she was a captain in NASA’s navy, and maintains close ties with her former fleetmates.

The foreman personally owns a dozen or so ships, including cargo haulers, mining craft and light warships.


Foreman Sarah Myoko

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