Geneviève Rousseau



Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 64
Physical: 5’6" | 128 lbs.
Careers: Intelligence Agent (6 terms) | Thief (5 terms)


Elegant, poised, and still lethal with a gun, Geneviève prefers to refrain from delving too deeply into the specifics of her careers’ pasts aside from the fact that she’s made a number of powerful enemies.
As an infant on Earth, she was adopted by Rienne and Corentin Rousseau. They later adopted two more children, and raised all three with a strong sense of civic duty. Geneviève began dreaming of a career in NASEC at an early age, and slowly made it a reality by first job shadowing, then interning, and eventually becoming a fully fledged employee at the age of 18. Her ambition and skill drove her up through the ranks quickly
What she has said about her days as an active agent allude to multiple instances of going undercover and deeply embedding herself in a crime syndicate or two in order to open a window to her mission’s true target. Her distinguished career in NASEC spanned almost 25 years before her largely unexpected choice to retire from a Director’s post. At the time, speculations ran rampant as she and Akiva Moran, a high-ranking statesman in NASA and long-term acquaintance, had recently and suddenly locked horns in a disagreement that was never publicly disclosed.
After retiring, she slipped off the grid and back into the underworld for the next two decades, capitalizing on the skills and contacts she had made as an agent. She also took the the time to reassert familial bonds with her younger, adoptive twin siblings, Yejun and Yeseung Rousseau. Although never married, Geneviève has spent the last decade sharing an apartment with her beau, Ejiro Acciai, a contrabandist whom she met around the time of her retirement from NASEC.

Geneviève enjoys acting like a protective grandmother to many of her crewmates. She regularly leaves meat out for Ripley, hides “shinies” for Knack to find, and feeds Hippolyta’s gyrfalcon, Mortimer, as often as circumstances allow.

Geneviève Rousseau

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