Marchioness Hippolyta de Mobray

In another time, she could have been a hero.




Had she set her mind to something different, Hippolyta might have been a brilliant doctor or scientist. The oldest scion of the de Mobray family, she spent her childhood on the ocean world of Undyne studying both factual and fictional accounts of military history. Twenty years later, naval psychologists reluctantly declared her unfit to serve, due to “a distressing inability to distinguish fantasy from reality.”

Prior to the Orlando incident, she was perceived as an incredibly promising (if slightly fanciful) officer of the navy. She was rapidly promoted, due to both her prestigious family connections and her exceptional tactical skills. It seemed a given that she would make Captain without difficulty.

However, while serving as Executive Officer aboard the light cruiser NN Orlando, she stumbled upon a mutinous plot and paid for it dearly. The exact details of the incident are classified, but she and Ensign Landry were the only two survivors. A NASEC investigation concluded that Hippolyta held off the rebellious crew long enough for Landry to vent them into space, but not before the mutineers managed to sabotage the fusion core of the ship. Both of the survivors entered stasis and waited to be rescued, but Hippolyta’s injuries became septic in the meantime and she lost her right arm.

Ever since, she has been a changed woman. She was discharged from the NASA navy after being diagnosed with severe PTSD, but she never gave up on making Captain.

Marchioness Hippolyta de Mobray

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