Leopold "Lee" Sheffield-Weir


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Homeworld: Purshia
Physical: 5’ 7" | 149 lbs.
Careers: Law enforcement (4), Citizen (1)


Born and raised on the moon of Purshia, Lee Sheffield had no interest in becoming a J-Drive engineer like so many born in the colony of Bidar.
At nineteen he enlisted in the NCMC (NASA Colonial Marine Corps) and promptly washed out. His aptitude tests indicated strong observation skills, pattern recognition, and detail-oriented thinking. The NCMC contacted the Bidar police, and offered to exchange him for a few of the wilder students in the Bidar Police Academy.

Thus began twenty one years in the BPD. It ended just as incidentally, when he was involved in a bad shuttle accident that cost him his sight. He never learned who the pilot was, but got his eyes replaced and a cushy severance from the BPD to keep quiet. His best guess is it was some politician or their family.

Feeling frustrated and used, he let his wife (Laura Weir-Sheffield) talk him into going to law school, and doing administrative work for a local firm. He wasn’t cut out for it.

After that he got brave, and sent a resume to Na-Sec. He encouraged them to contact the BPD. Maybe they did, but they never called back.

When Laura got a word from Percheron that they needed her as a legal consultant on Wolf Orbital Supply Station 1, better known as Bigby station, he really had no reason to argue about the move.

Much to his surprise, Percheron contacted the BPD, and read the resume Laura sent them. When the couple reached Bigby station, there was a badge waiting for him. For the first time in eight years, Lee had the chance to do what he did best.

Leopold "Lee" Sheffield-Weir

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