Hercules Mulligan

"If you knock me down, I get the f--- back up again."


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 46
Physical: 5’ 10" | 163 lbs.
Careers: Space Pirate (4 terms) | Agent (3 terms)


Unlike most space pirates, Hercules Mulligan began her career as a seafaring pirate on the oceanic world of Ugallu before taking to the stars. At least, that’s what the “official” story is. Unofficially, Hercules earned her way by serving as a privateer in wartime on her homeworld. (Space traffic to and from Ugallu is limited to brief periods of the Ugallan year, dependent on the planet’s proximity to the neighboring magnetar, Marduk. This, coupled with the low metal content of the planet, is why the inhabitants of Ugallu largely rely on sailing ships and hard currency.)
When the war was over and a less-than-beneficial peace treaty signed, Hercules joined with other headstrong idealists to form the group, The Hearts of Ugallu, and continue the crusade against perceived injustices. Although they considered themselves to be freedom fighters, the lack of a valid letter of marque made them pirates in the governments’ eyes.
Hercules volunteered to join a crew to head off planet, intent on securing additional supplies for The Hearts of Ugallu. They were successful in making their way off-world, but the difficulties in timing supply runs in the brief window afforded by Marduk’s orbit quickly became insurmountable. The crew soon scattered, and Hercules took to space piracy.
Years later, Hercules was accused of slipping information to the authorities. She demanded the matter be settled in what ultimately ended in a trial by combat. Although she won, she was thoroughly disgusted by the entire affair and left the crew she had been working with for the past few years. She paid for passage to the nearest chunk of civilization, and applied for work at an intelligence agency. For the next decade, she made a fairly intimidating double-agent.

Hercules Mulligan

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