BOLO Listings

Be On the Look-Out (BOLO)

Name: MCDOUGAL, Isabella
Profession: Unknown
Notes: She’s recently been disowned by the RUN‘s McDougal family and escorted out of the Alpha Centauri system. Given the Mendicant’s role in recent events in that system (including, but not limited to, a specially-prepared care-package of oranges), she may seize an opportunity for revenge if one presents itself.

Name: VERLING, Bertram
Profession: Medical Doctor/Immunologist
Description: Uh, like, a dried-up, old, white doctor-guy? Mean scowl. Slicked-back white hair.
Contact/Source: Croc Martin
Notes: If you see him, let me know. Don’t underestimate him- he has scary friends. Thank you. Oh, and don’t let him stick you with a needle!

Name: RONE (Didn’t learn his first name, don’t care to know.)
Profession: Interrogator
Description: Average looking man with dark hair and beard
Contact/Source: Landry
Notes: 6000cr. reward upon proof of death. 100,000cr. reward if brought back alive. No questions asked.

Name: MORAN, Akiva
Profession: Politician
Description: Mid-sixties, 185 cm, 84 kg, blue eyes, greying hair, and strong features.
Contact/Source: Geneviève
Notes: The chances are slim that you’ll ever randomly see dear Akiva, but if you happen to hear that he’s in the system, I suggest you lay low and find a good reason to leave. If you hear tell of or encounter anyone from his offices, please let me know at your earliest convenience. Do not approach or attempt to engage, because that would be highly illegal.

Name: RAMMOL, Adrian
Profession: he was a marine captain, not sure what hes doing now, mersinary mercinary probably
Description: 174 cm, 70 kg, gray crew cut, big ears
Contact/Source: Rietta
Notes: we surved togather on ammit. i was his right hand woman …or atleast until he got demoted and then discharged after i testified against him in a tribunal concerning some poor command choices he made during our campain. sooooo… needless to say hes a bit unhappy with me, like the “might shoot on sight” kinda unhappy. if you see him dont engage. (or atleast not without proper support).


Name: FARNER, Tomas L.
Profession: Smuggler
Description: Human Terran | 168 cm, 80 kg, brown eyes, med. length dark brown wavy hair, olive skin
Target: Ens. Morgan Landry
Notes: Ens. Landry filed a report which resulted in the dishonorable discharge of Ulysses Farner, the father of T. Farner. It is currently believed that T. Farner blames Ens. Landry for his and his father’s misfortunes and may pose a serious threat to Ens. Landry. He is emotionally volatile and might also be willing to inflict collateral damage to get to his target.

Name: KHANNA, Edcel
Profession: Researcher, Ph.D. (specializes in xenoarchaeology)
Description: 175 cm, 69 kg, green eyes, dark/greying hair, frequently looks preoccupied.
Contact/Source: Geneviève
Notes: Dr. Khanna is firmly on my [censored]-list for daring to assault our very own dear Doctor Marquess a couple years ago. I do not wish him dead, but I would like to demonstrate my displeasure with his conduct by placing a bullet in each of his patellae.


BOLO Listings

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