A list of places of interest.

Sol System
MONITORS: Echidna, Sleipnir, Anubis, Yuanhua

Echidna: The first Monitor, positioned near the lagrange point around Earth. Old, war hardened, but still formidable.

Sleipnir: Constructed by Percheron (with help from NASA), positioned near the lagrange point around Jupiter. Commissioned originally to guard, and exert pressure on, the three corporate governments, the Sleipnir is probably the largest and most durable Monitor.

Anubis: Built in secret by Davasi, positioned near the lagrange point around Saturn. The ship was milled from the asteroid which once bore its name. A comparatively small and basic Monitor, yet not one to be ignored.

Yuanhua: Intended to guard Mercury, now positioned near the lagrange point around Neptune. When Fab-Heng moved its base of operations from Mercury to Neptune in the great Jump Migration, the Hermes was rechristened the Yuanhua, and followed. Equipped with several experimental systems designed by some of NASA’s top engineers, the capabilities of this Monitor are hard to determine.

Mercury, Earth, and Luna, the power base of the NASA empire.

  • Gassendi – The underground mega city on Mercury, recognized as a nation by NASA.
  • Earth – The home of Humanity, united and led by NASA. Suffering from limited resources and high population, most who leave Earth do not return.
  • NASA-1 – NASA’s first base on Luna, and its largest space port.
  • NASA-2 – NASA’s primary lunar mining facility.
  • NASA-3 – NASA’s covert research laboratories and main police force for Luna.

Mars and his satellites, NASA’s ‘test track’.

Stickney – NASA’s private mining company, breaking up Phobos for raw materials.

Viking Jet Research Labs (VIRA) – The prooving ground for all NASA’s experimental craft.

What follows are the outer planets, the Corporate Governments, the “Big Three”. They exist outside NASA’s jurisdiction, making their own laws and enforcing them in their own way. The bodies they orbit bear their names.

  • Jupiter (Percheron system) – The home of the Percheron company, the most successful manufacturer of small space craft.
    Originally comprised of engineers from VIRA and independent miners from the Belt, they have since grown into a civil government and extrasolar Power.
  • Saturn (Davasi system) – The home of the Davasi (Daewon-Vacuum-Systems-Incorporated, Da.Va.S.I, colloquialized into Davasi) company, the most universally trusted air lock and life support engineers.
    Built from the hull in (or the ‘ground up’, as a dirt-kisser would say) to be a company for spacers, by spacers, Davasi has prided itself on making the harsh living in space a bit more comfortable, and a lot safer.
  • Neptune (Fab-Heng System) – The home of the Fab-Heng Company, the pioneers of anti-aging drugs and limb restoration.
    The product of a merger of the largest pharmaceutical company on Earth (Fabien Heath&Wellness) and an experimental genetics research group from Mercury (Heng Longevity Unlimited), Fab-Heng may have more indirect political sway than any other power in the Sol system.

Wolf 1061

MONITOR: Sasal-Aethon
A joint effort by the Percheron and Davasi directors of Bigby station. When their respective companies wouldn’t fund a Monitor for the Wolf system, they built one together (based largely upon the Echidna ).
It is crewed by a mix of Percheron and Davasi personnel, and can’t act without approval from both. It is captained by an ‘Independent Contractor’ from Alpha Centauri, whose identity is classified.

  • Bigby Station – “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy,” sums it up fairly well.
  • Silla Commonwealth – an allied group of colonies occupying the terminator line of Wolf 1061c
  • Sungmo – the official title of Wolf 1061d, the mini-Neptune that is the site of nearly 90% of the minining in the Wolf system.

Alpha Centuari

  • Phaethon – A planet very similar to Earth and heavily disputed by both the RUN and ValCo. The RUN currently recognizes Johnathan McDougal as the governor of Phaethon.
    [ Update.6102.42.19_Genevi̬ve : Advisory РDue to our recent actions in the race for Object Echo (i.e. sabotage and blackmail), the crew of the Mendicant should avoid Phaethon at present. ]
  • Pyroeus – Resource rich planet that was “cracked” for easier mineral extraction. Its remains now form the artificial asteroid belt in Alpha Centauri where the FMC is based.
  • Steelhead Station – Houses the majority of the FMC’s administration. Its patrol ships look like freighters with lots of guns strapped on.
  • “ValCo HQ” – In orbit around Sycorax.
  • Clydesdale Station – NASA’s scientific outpost orbiting Proxima Centauri.

A listing of Player claimed locations not yet present in the main plot.


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