Hanley Neville

"That's DOCTOR Marquess."


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Physical: 5’10" | 160 lbs.
Careers: Physician (4 terms)


The Most Honourable Lord Hanley Neville, Marquess of Montagu, PhD. is quite famous within the medical community, both for his skills as a doctor and for his impeccable sense of style. As the heir of the recently-restored House of Montagu, he probably has Very Important Things that he should be doing. Despite that, he has temporarily placed the estate in the capable hands of his sister, Lady Brooke Neville, whilst he gallivants across the galaxy being a doctor.

It certainly seems as though he’s happier shut up in his laboratory ship The Osiris, although he never had to perform emergency surgery on himself in the royal court. (Hanley prefers to look at the experience in a positive light, as he now has several scars to show off when particularly drunk.) A few of his distant cousins within the peerage have been heard muttering darkly about the Marquess’s flippancy, but the smarter ones among them recognise the actions of a noble cultivating a harmless reputation while building up considerable political clout before making any kind of move. Whether Hanley actually has political aspirations or simply prefers the life of a doctor is up for (very quiet) debate, but he is known to get quite peeved when someone forgets the “Doctor” in “Doctor Marquess”.

Hanley Neville

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